Feelings Postcard Series   

Role: lead graphic designer 
Client: Serra, Groundworks Industries
Location: portland, Or
Creative Director: Aric Rist
Photographer: stink studio nyc 

Date: feb 2020

While working on the brand studio team at Groundworks Industries, I designed this postcard series as part of Serra's launch into the California cannabis market and opening of the Los Angeles retail store.

Serra is a modern cannabis brand that 
exists to transform the way people look at cannabis. Through carefully crafted experiences, uncompromising products, a little art, and a lot of consideration, Serra believes that showing cannabis in a different light makes it possible for all kinds of people to see how cannabis can enhance their day-to-day lives.

This design was created using campaign photography and brand glyphs that represent Serra's Feelings: Happiness, Relaxation, Energy, Creativity, Focus, and Relief
The Serra Feelings model, which Serra's product line is based around, asks the customer to consider how they are feeling and how they want to feel.

The imagery used was first released in a public life-sized poster campaign scattered throughout the West Hollywood Los Angeles neighborhood that would soon become home to Serra's first California retail location. Bringing together this tactile, evocative photography series with glyph treatments that mirror the brands' packaging brought together multiple brand 
touchpoints into a shareable postcard that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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