print ad in the Portland business journal

Role: lead graphic designer & Photographer
Client: Macadam Forbes Commercial Real Estate
Location: portland, Or
Publisher: Portland Business Journal 

Date: July 2019

This full page print ad was designed for Macadam Forbes and printed in the the Portland Business Journal's 2019 Commercial Real Estate Guide. (Vol. 36 No. 20)

The Portland Business Journal's Commercial Real Estate Guide features local business news and provides tools to help businesses grow, network, and hire. Macadam Forbes' brand identity centers around their longstanding relationships with clients that are more than just transactional. Their 25+ brokers work together, forming a network of experience and industry knowledge that allows them to act as advisors and find innovative solutions others may miss. 

In creating this design, I wanted to promote the company's values and highlight the architecture of Macadam Forbes' office building, allowing the viewer to make a connection to a physical landmark along Portland's Southwest Waterfront.