website design for Sunlight solar

Role: lead graphic designer 
Client: sunlight solar 
Location: portland, Or

Date: july-september 2020

After designing the new Sunlight Solar logo, I worked with a local web developer to redesign the website in a way that would reflect the new branding and make improvements to the user experience.
I worked in both Adobe Xd and Adobe Illustrator to create the UX and UI, and collaborated with a web developer through virtual meetings to bring this site to life. 

Through the incorporation of a full-width video on the homepage which highlights an overview of the solar installation process, the user is immediately drawn in and presented with a human-centered view of what it means to make the switch to solar energy. Presenting a more human-forward view of solar energy helps the user connect to the content which can otherwise be technical or dry.

Sunlight Solar is a premier solar installer in Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. They've installed over 4,000 residential and commercial systems throughout the U.S. and they work with local non-profits to promote solar energy for home and business owners.